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Hey y'all! I'm Josh Matthews


I am a Visual Effects artist with a focus in grooming, lighting, and technical direction and I'm currently based in Los Angeles.


Constantly I find myself looking for ways to visualize my ideas, and CG happens to be a perfect medium to express myself and my vision. 


The technical nature and boundless possibilities of VFX make me always strive to improve my skills.

Currently, I am working as an FX Key Artist at Mill Film in Adelaide and I was previously a CG artist at Electric Theatre Collective in Los Angeles and a Houdini Intern at SideFX in Toronto.




3D World Magazine - Issue221 (pg42-45)

Created a tutorial on nested dielectric refraction with the new transmission parameter in Houdini16

3D World Magazine - Issue218 (pg18-19,25)

Created grooming examples for Houdini 16 showcase


3DArtist - Houdini 16 Hair And Fur Tips

Wrote a tutorial describing some tricks I've learned while grooming in Houdini