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Hey y'all, I'm Josh.


I am a Visual Effects Artist with a focus in lighting, FX, and grooming and I'm currently based in Adelaide, South Australia.


Constantly I find myself looking for ways to visualize my ideas, and CG happens to be a perfect medium to express myself and my vision. 


As well as being an outlet for artistic expression, the technical nature and boundless possibilities of VFX make me always strive to improve and learn as much as I can.

Currently, I am working as an FX Key Artist at Mill Film in Adelaide and I was previously a CG artist at Electric Theatre Collective in Los Angeles and a Houdini Intern at SideFX in Toronto.


+61 480 152 215

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3D World Magazine - Issue221 (pg42-45)

Created a tutorial on nested dielectric refraction with the new transmission parameter in Houdini16

3D World Magazine - Issue218 (pg18-19,25)

Created grooming examples for Houdini 16 showcase

3DArtist - Houdini 16 Hair And Fur Tips

Wrote a tutorial describing some tricks I've learned while grooming in Houdini

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