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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Some helpful vex that I use on the daily

1: Center Pivot and Move to Origin

in a pointwrangle..

vector centroid = getbbox_center(0);

vector dist = centroid - 0;

v@P -= dist;

2: Random Normal

in a pointwrangle..

float nx = fit01(rand(@ptnum),-1,1);

float ny = fit01(rand(@ptnum+1),-1,1);

float nz = fit01(rand(@ptnum+2),-1,1);


3: Blend Positions

in a pointwrangle..

vector pos1 = v@P;

vector pos2 = point(1,"P",@ptnum);

float mixbias = chf("mix_bias");


4: Whitehair Setup

in a primwrangle...

if(rand(@id)<0.2){ i@whitehair=1; }else{ i@whitehair=0; }

5: Custom Width Along Curve

in a pointwrangle.. also needs a uvtexture node set to rows and columns running over points before it

float blend = chramp("blend",@uv[0]);

float width = chf("width");



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